Dr Egg Digital - What will we hatch?

In a magical world of scientific discoveries where even the impossible seems real, three children with special powers discover the greatest lessons of all... 

Dr Egg Digital has kicked off in 2012 at a cracking pace! It’s an exciting time for trans-media and the project is powering ahead, with an increasing number of egg-related puns flying around the studio – with no sign of stopping! In September 2011, we were awarded the Literature Board of the Australia Council’s inaugural New Media Writing grant, allowing us to develop the script pathways for an interactive storybook, based on the Dr Egg series of biotech fables. With key creative team members including project manager Dani Wiessner, director Maia Horniak, and writer Catherine Fargher, a ‘think-tank’ took place in early January to explore the trans-media potential for Catherine’s original biotech fables Dr Egg and The Man with No Ear, Corn Baby and The Boy with No Belly-Button. We now have three kids with special powers, and special interactive gadgets as well! We can’t wait to see Ardash (The Boy with No Belly-Button) on his ‘hover scooter’, Vivi (The Man with No Ear) with her magic tool kit and monocle, or Cornelia (Corn Baby) astride her magic unicorn!

Other activities funded by the Literature Board grant include a script-development and story-lining ‘hot-house’ with children’s television writer, Gina Roncoli, and a digital vision workshop with New and Trans Media producers Mod Productions, namely Michela Ledwidge and Mish Sparks.